A.J. Sports World - Denis Potvin - In Store Signing
In Store Signing
Denis Potvin
Saturday April 29th, 2017

Denis Potvin will be Signing in store Saturday April 29th 12:00 - 1:00 PM.

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2017
Time: 12:00pm
Location: A.J. Sports World
2720 Steeles Ave W #1, Concord. ON L4K 4N5

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Event Details

Fees For Customers In Attendance:
Autograph Ticket - Regular Item ..... $30.00
Autograph Ticket - Premium Item ... $50.00
Personalization Fee ....................... Included
Inscription Fee .............................. Included

Regular items include (photos, pucks, cards, toys, books, etc)
Premium items include (jerseys, numbers, canvas prints, full size equipment,

Send-in / Drop-off Autograph Fees:
Your Regular Item ..... $39 CDN / $31 USD
Your Premium Item ... $59 CDN / $47 USD
Personalization Fee ....................... Included
Inscription Fee .............................. Included

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1) Prices are only guaranteed until the date of the signing. 2) Please note, if we sell out of a photo, a similar one will be chosen. 3) If you do not see the item listed that you would like to order, please contact us for special requests. 4) For B2B Pricing, please contact a Wholesale Account Representative.


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Pre-Ordered Autograph Item Disclaimer

Please read the disclaimer and conditions.

  1. If you have placed a paid inscription in free personalization box, we are unable to adjust the order and the inscription will not get done.
  2. In the event we sell out of a specific photo, we will choose the closest photo available.
  3. All athletes reserve the right to personalize as they choose. We cannot refund an order if you do not like the personalization.
  4. All athletes reserve the right to shorted inscriptions as they choose.
  5. A.J. Sports World takes great care with all items, however there some items may get some wear during the signing, including but not limited to, small creases or dings from being handled, the edges of posters may get wrinkle.

Send in or drop off your own item to be signed.

If you want to get your own item signed, this is the place to be. Please email us sendin@ajsportsworld.com before sending in your item.

We will email you a form to fill out and send in with your item so that we can make sure our team is able handle your order. Will list athlete, item type, ink color and provide any other details of the piece you are interested in sending in. Our staff takes great care of all customer products, however there does exist the possibility that items may get some wear during the signings event. This includes small creases or dings from being handled, the edges of posters may get wrinkled, common with any posters which are sent threw the mail, and any other wear that can be expected with a private signing.

Please remember that each autograph is a one of a kind as it is hand signed.

Once the signing occurs and the athlete has signed your item, we will affix a hologram to the item and issue a certificate of authenticity to go with the piece.

All guests reserve the right to refuse to sign any item. Shipping costs will be added to orders to be shipped back. US customers are responsible for all duties, taxes and brokerage fees.

Orders must be received by the date listed in the event details.